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We take pride in being the home of the original Lyman Boat Works archives, including hull records, blueprints, photographs, patterns, jigs, and tooling used to build these iconic boats. Our mission is simple: Keep the Legend Alive!

The Koroknay Family has been restoring Lyman Boats for over 35 years.  Tom Koroknay, a.k.a. "Doc Lyman" is the famed author of the historical book "Lyman Boats: Legend of the Lakes" and has spoken at several antique/classic boat museums across the country, presenting on the history of the Lyman Boat Works. 

Finishing products, fasteners, and an abundance of original hardware; hand-crafted wooden parts from the original Lyman Boat Works tooling; trademarked Lyman apparel and accessories and historical Lyman collectibles: you can find it all here!

If you have any questions regarding any of the items in our store, please call or email.
Shop Phone:  (419) 884-0222