We have been exclusively selling Lyman Boats on our website since 1996 when Doc Lyman connected to the World Wide Web.  Over the years, this page has developed into the premier, most comprehensive Lyman Boat brokerage page on the Internet.  Rest assured, your Lyman will reach a target rich environment, and we will help you either find a new home for your current Lyman or assist you in finding the Lyman of your dreams.

For a 10% commission fee, you can list your Lyman for sale on our premier “Lymans Only” brokerage page until it sells!  No listing fees or monthly/annual fees.  Due to continuing abuse of the honor system, we must insist that all listings be exclusive to our brokerage page.  All commission fees are paid on the honor system.  No messy contracts.  We are all adults here.  When you successfully sell your boat off this page, you pay 10% of the selling price on your honor only.

Doc Lyman strongly advises that any buyer have the prospective boat surveyed by a competent marine surveyor.  We are not liable or responsible for any problems or misrepresentation of a seller’s boat.

Please email us at to obtain a "Details for Listing your Lyman Boat Worksheet" and instructions for how to list your Lyman Boat for sale here.